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The Underbase 100th Episode!

It's an amazing day for Transformers not only is it the podcast after Free Comic Book Day, it's a day of birthdays and anniversaries… It's our 100th show! And it's the 28th anniversary of Transformers Marvel US issue #1 hitting the shelves! And what better way to celebrate it then to talk Regeneration One 80.5 with our Mr. Classic reviewer Ad8m! If you've never participated at Free Comic Book Day, have a listen to what it's all about on this podcast! (Only comes once a year!) And then because this is how we roll on the underbase, we review Autocracy 9 too! (light swears!)

* Intro and News 

* Review of 80.5 [@ 21 mins in]

* Autocracy 9 Review [@55 mins in]

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