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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #4

An increasing rough-voiced Ad8m, an increasingly excited Joe Teanby and an increasing “ relaxed” special guest star Razz look at the forth issue of IDW’s MONSTROSITY.

The Little Mermaid, this is not!

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Trailcutter

It's the question we've been asking from the beginning, does this Spotlight need to exist? Tune in to find out what our reviewers thought about Spotlight Trailcutter!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #3

Yes that's right folks… Monstrosity takes a lead on the weekly show this podcast. But first Wondercon news from Matt and Aimee. Then prepare for our entertaining review as we play musical reviews this week!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #2

With a little bit of news, our Monstrosity crew reviews issue #2! And the introduction of some characters we haven't seen for a  long while...

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #1

Monstrosity is in our hands and digital devices and within the weekend it was given to us, we sat down and reviewed it! Tune into our recaps and first reactions to this digital only sequel!

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The Underbase continues Rage of the Dinobots Discussion

Rage of the Dinobots blasts into a second weekend of shattering discussion as we continue part 2 of issue #4 and what our reviewers are looking forward to in May 2013's Beast Hunters comic. Will they be back to review again?

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The Underbase Reviews Rage of the Dinobots #4

A discussion in two parts, Mikey, Adam and Andy are back to wrap up the final issue of Rage of the Dinobots and all the goodies it holds! But we just simply couldn't wrap this one up with a nice little bow, stay tuned to next week when we continue the discussion right here on the Underbase weekend show!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #88

We rip through the May Solicits and we give our full attention to Regeneration One issue #88 this week for a review! Tune in and find out just how we'll change your view of it forever! 

Show Notes:

* Intro and opening news

* May Solicits [@12 mins in]

* Review [@29 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Megatron

For all those who find the Roche is your drug of choice, the Underbase provides a review like none other! Four reviewers this week to talk Spotlight Megatron! Don't worry we intro this podcast with news as well to keep you informed of all the IDW goodness!

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The Underbase Reviews Rage of the Dinobots #3

Singing Dinobots, pirate praises to John Barbosa, and a raging Mikey, it's Rage of the Dinobots reviewin' time! Issue 3 is reviewed by our fantastic team! Let them tell you why this issue is so great!

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