The Underbase Podcast (interview)
The Underbase Interviews Matt Frank

It is our pleasure to share a fantastic interview with the Godzilla-ongoing-turned-robotic-force-field-wielding artist Matt Frank! (Check out his website:, or for show notes!)

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The Underbase Colorist Cuddle Edition

A slight technical delay this week for the podcast, but it has twice the awesome as we have TWO guests to talk 16 issues of Ongoing from two important perspectives! It's definitely an epic interview in the making… let it color your weekend!

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The Underbase Interviews Barber and Griffith

After sixteen solid issues of Robots In Disguise we bring you the artist/writer team, Barber and Griffith to talk everything RID past, present, and future! Who's still alive after the dust has settled? How are the comics selling? What was the thinking behind the plot… and a whole lot more!

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The Underbase Interviews Mairghread Scott

First it was the Rage of the Dinobots, now we are a month away from Beast Hunters! Mairghread Scott returns to the Underbase to talk Dinobots. Both the past and the present, tune it to find what this new series has in store this May!

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The Underbase Interviews Josh Burcham

It's interview time! And we've got the gunner from the Last Stand of the Wreckers, the targetmaster alongside Geoff Senior, its the dude filling the world or MTMTE with colorful mayhem!!!! Its Mr. Josh Burcham! Follow him on or at

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The Underbase Interviews Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson

It's our first interview of 2013! We bring on the new writers of Rage of the Dinobots, Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson to talk Transformers Prime and Dinobots! And a challenge, send your RAWR files and maybe you will be featured in their sound effects how to for comics coming soon! You can find Mairghread on twitter@Mairghreadscott

Also check out our previous Transformer Prime comic review here from Nov 2010.

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The Underbase Interviews Casey Coller

We welcome to the show first time interviewee Casey Coller, the artist who gave us the Ironhide Miniseries and continues to wow us with his awesome covers! A huge thank you to Casey for joining us for an interview about him!

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The Underbase Interviews Transformers: Multiverse

This week we bring you the end of our contest and the winner is announced! Then news and because of circumstances out of our control and the lack of sleep we are not reviewing RID 10, but we bring you an important Transformers: Multiverse episode! Because this episode is a tad shorter than usual, we'll also be bringing a special podcast this weekend! So tune in then.

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The Underbase Interviews John-Paul Bove

Join the show today and get to know Mr. John-Paul Bove, colorist on Regeneration One! Interview was recorded in person at Auto Assembly 2012! Thanks for listening!

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The Underbase Interviews James Roberts at AA2012

The Underbase interviews James Roberts at Auto Assembly 2012 where we talk More Than Meets The Eye, the Annual, Shadow Play, and whats in store for the future of the Lost Light! (With a brief news section, 6 mins long.)

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