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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #9

Two weeks in a row we review a MTMTE comic! The Underbase crew hits its 200th episode this episode and what better way to celebrate it than to review a glowing endorsed comic! Tune in and see just how much we love this issue! And don't forget about our contest!

* Intro & News

* MTMTE #9 Review [@19 mins in]

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The Underbase Talks MTMTE Annual

The Underbase controls are hijacked this weekend to bring you a hour of Annual talking goodness. On the review this last week we rushed through 3 pages... 3 pages that struck at the heart of Transformers lore! And two podcasting voices just could not let it lie without saying a few words. Tune in and have a listen to a grand discussion on what those 3 pages were and possibly what they might mean!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE Annual

Skype issues continue to plague the base from under our noses. Grimlock King, Lady of Wreckage, and Commander of Cobras prove their might effectively against an ANNUAL! Basically a two issue comic in one podcasting review! Think we can do it? Or will it destroy the underbase might forever??

* Intro & News (includes December Solicits)

* MTMTE Annual Review [@33 mins in]

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The Rescue Centre Episode 16

It's the Lost Bell and not only are the fanatasic duo back again to talk about it, we are thoroughly entertained this episode. And you could be too!

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The Underbase Reviews RID #9

A week late but never short… the Underbase is back to review Robots In Disguise issue #9! Aimee, Matt, and Adam give their page by page thoughts!

* Intro & News 

* Review [@15 mins in]

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The Underbase Classics Episode 002

Join Adam, Paul and Joe as the two Cybertronian factions make themselves at home on planet Earth, in their own special ways. Also noted, Bumblebee whines, Ravage sucks up and Megatron falls foul of some unique artistry!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #83

The cast finds it hard to keep it serious and down to reviewing business this podcast due to Skype issues but the show must go on and eventually we open our comics! Have a listen as we talk Regeneration One issue #83! And welcome Matt back to the show! Don't forget to find the podcast notes on this week as a nice surprise will be waiting.

* Intro & News 

* Review [@12 mins in]

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The Rescue Centre Episode 15

We talk about how important Manuel is to this episode as we review Rules and Regulations this week! Just be sure to have your bounce houses ready when listening to this podcast. It might just save your life!

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