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The Underbase Public Service Announcement

After 5 years of podcasting, life has changed for the Underbase hosts and we’ve got an announcement for this week. Just a few links mentioned in the show:


Target 2006 link

Jeff Anderson Interview

Cuddle Interviews

Andy Schimdt Interview

Chris Metzen & Flint Dille Interview


Transmissions Podcast

Audio Knights Theatre


Please feel free to listen in on all of our interviews over the last 5 years. The early ones are here, and the more recent ones here. Thanks for tuning in!!

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The Underbase Colorist Cuddle Edition

A slight technical delay this week for the podcast, but it has twice the awesome as we have TWO guests to talk 16 issues of Ongoing from two important perspectives! It's definitely an epic interview in the making… let it color your weekend!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 11

News, insecticon wars, geek highlights, house moving and buying, fanfic, warnings, television shows, video games, comic reviews and CUDDLES OH MY?! What doesn't this podcast include this week come rain, shine, or sickness? Everything BUT the kitchen sink as the ants ran away with it. This is one packed podcast!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 8

The retired boss man of Moonbase2 joins us once again for news, a little Botcon talk and ranting. Then a review of Autocracy 8! And to wrap up round two of our cuddle series! We might make you hungry… or sick. Or both. But definitely smiles all around. Muahahaha! Thanks for our cuddle guests: Alex Milne and Josh Perez!

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The Underbase reviews Autocracy 6

Surprises for the listeners… we don't know how the podcast will end this week. We start the show hoping that it all comes together in the end. Does it? Well, have a listen and tell us if it works for you? A special cuddle with some favorites… you may be surprised at how endearing this show will be!

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