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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #8

The end of Transformers Prime where nuttin' will ever be the same again! Issue 8 reviewed with our monthly raving Irish man, Turnbull, and Mr. Tricky. Where Grimlock has a go at a missing Magnus for not leaving supplies, or communicators, he never called, wrote… the list goes on… (EXPLICIT)

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise #24

The last Dark Cybertron review of 2013, Robots In Disguise issue #24! Dave, Chris, and Aimee talk this issue and then a certain snake charmer wraps up the show! (Be sure to check out the show notes on and vote for the Best of 2013 by the end of the year!)

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #7

Today's podcast review is filled with new Tricks, a Ranting Irish Man, and the Gruffinator. Beast Hunters issue #7 close to the end, we find out the fate of Blackout and Zoom and all the Forged! Bodies will fly… followed by a singing Gruffabye. [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 24

Conversation takes over and runs rampant in this review of MTMTE 24 (Also known as Dark Cybertron Chapter 4) Pull up your soap box and sit down on it, Dave takes the stage and little people scramble away in the background!

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise #23

Dark Cybertron carries on with chapter 3 (otherwise known as Robots In Disguise #23) this week while Andy sings…Don't stop believing! Bane homages take the stage as we bring a much missed Chris back to review RID! News bits are in the outtakes. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @theunderbase. [Explicit] 

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The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave War and Peace pt2

Dave and Chris wrap up Dreamwave War and Peace discussion, talking art and an overall retrospective of the series as a whole. Chris serenades the audience with "the Touch." (Explicit)

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 23

Two fan girls and a Dave! We crack Dark Cybertron chapter 2 wide open with More Than Meets your regular podcast! It's issue 23 and we talk it up after news with February 2014 Solicits!

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The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave War and Peace pt1

Dave and Chris are back again to talk Dreamwave in a one of two part review of War and Peace. (EXPLICIT)

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #6

The Beast Hunters team is back again to review for you issue 6 of the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters comic! Back to harass and gush about Mairghread Scott and her partner in crime, Mike Johnson. But lets not forget their artist in the house, Agustin Padilla, as they grind Cybertron to dust with their outspoken weapons! The Dinobots! (EXPLICIT)

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The Underbase Reviews Dark Cybertron Chapter 1

The beginning chapter of Dark Cybertron is upon us! Dave, Matt, and Aimee review the first issue of the event a year in the making! Described as being too big for one artist, we finally see the first fruits of what Dark Cybertron has in store for us!

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