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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #8

The end of Transformers Prime where nuttin' will ever be the same again! Issue 8 reviewed with our monthly raving Irish man, Turnbull, and Mr. Tricky. Where Grimlock has a go at a missing Magnus for not leaving supplies, or communicators, he never called, wrote… the list goes on… (EXPLICIT)

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #7

Today's podcast review is filled with new Tricks, a Ranting Irish Man, and the Gruffinator. Beast Hunters issue #7 close to the end, we find out the fate of Blackout and Zoom and all the Forged! Bodies will fly… followed by a singing Gruffabye. [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #6

The Beast Hunters team is back again to review for you issue 6 of the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters comic! Back to harass and gush about Mairghread Scott and her partner in crime, Mike Johnson. But lets not forget their artist in the house, Agustin Padilla, as they grind Cybertron to dust with their outspoken weapons! The Dinobots! (EXPLICIT)

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The Underbase Reviews Dark Cybertron Chapter 1

The beginning chapter of Dark Cybertron is upon us! Dave, Matt, and Aimee review the first issue of the event a year in the making! Described as being too big for one artist, we finally see the first fruits of what Dark Cybertron has in store for us!

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #5

What do Cobra Commander, Daft Punk, Iron Lantern, Scrounge, and Dinobots all have in common? They happen to all be in this weeks review of Beast Hunters #5! Tune in and revel in the sobbing of Mikey, Grufflock, and Mr. Turnbull as arms are lost!

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #4

Mikey and company chatter Beast Hunters on this 4th installment of the series all while bursting into song using the names of the creative team and sending a whole lot of love at a Mrs. Scott.

Don't forget to check out the Moonbase2 Podcast interview with Mairghread.

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #0

Regeneration issue 0 is here and the review gang convenes to reveal and chatter about it! Packed full of some fan favorite artists we all agree that Bove is king.

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #3

Our Transformers Prime Beast Hunters reviewing team record for the first time LIVE from Auto Assembly 2013! Beware, many derailings and singing! (Even Ralph interrupts!) OH YEAH and some where in there a review of Beast Hunters issue 3!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #11 & #12

MONSTROSITY #11 and #12!! Finally the review to the finale of this series rears its savage head! Protesting authority figures, elemental disasters, the creation of new life. . . . . the delays were notable, but we hope the result is worth it. 

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The Underbase Reviews the News

It is convention season and these next two weeks will be crazy! So we have the news for the weekend so you can stay caught up. The San Diego Comicon variety and the October Solicitations at 22 mins in! Enjoy!

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