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The Underbase Classics Episode 007

A small bite-sized UNDERBASE CLASSICS rounds out our year as the attendees of the 2012 LONDON SOCIAL MEET recite the Ladybird classic THE AUTOBOTS LIGHTENING STRIKE! Note that there is heavy background noise, more than a few hecklers and, no, Adam meant to say "Marvel comics" and not "Hasbro" in his introduction. . . . Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #12

Welcome to the end of the world and final review of 2012 where we talk the filth, news, wish you a Merry Christmas, and review a MTMTE Roberts written comic all in one little less than two hour period. Yep that's right this review is more than meets the eye and hyped up on outtakes. Booyeah!

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Orion Pax

The Spotlights have returned! We bring in a veteran podcaster to lead our review of Orion Pax. The first in a line of comics that have returned to grace the Transformers storyline, will they deliver? Does Orion Pax deliver?

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The Underbase Reviews Rage of the Dinobots #1
Mikey our resident Dinosaur Authority takes on Rage of the Dinobots issue one with his own reviewing team of a bearded legend and the good Andy. Does Mikey rant about it or about his review team? Tune it to find out!
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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise #12

Robots In Disguise continues to impress the review team. Tune in to hear what we thought of this cold resistant issue!

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The Underbase Classics Episode 006

It's the second part of THE MAN OF IRON and that means Paul, Joe and Grufflock create the carnage, while host Ad8m fights an epic struggle to keep us on track. Intense discussion, frank analysis, and highbrow fayre here. . . . . no sign of "Mutley" at all. . . . . .

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #86

This week another installment of Regeneration One! It's the second arc to Simon's story in issue #86. Join Adam, Matt and Aimee as we talk about Grimlock! Stay tuned, December is gonna be chalk full of great issues and reviews!

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The Underbase Reviews Timelines 7

If you happened to get the Botcon Timelines 2012 comic, this podcast will improve your opinion of it simply because it's entertaining and comical and more than half the time has nothing to do with the comic. McFeely, Grufflock, and KingGrimlock bring you a comical review that only ends with a very real rating in our yearly review of Timelines. (Warning: it's offensively fun.)

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The Underbase Reviews RID #11

If you thought that this weeks issue 11 of Robots In Disguise was going to break the underbase… you thought wrong. We turn out podcasts and reviewing like a boss and this episode is no exception. Don't forget to jump on after the review and vote for your favourite Transformers comics of 2012!

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The Underbase Interviews Casey Coller

We welcome to the show first time interviewee Casey Coller, the artist who gave us the Ironhide Miniseries and continues to wow us with his awesome covers! A huge thank you to Casey for joining us for an interview about him!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #11

The anticipation for MTMTE 11 is high this month as AWESOME payoff hits the pages! The Underbase crew has a sit down to talk about how it measures up to Andy's F yeah moment. Does he have one? And is this issue really what it's hyped up to be for all our reviewers? This and more on this weeks show!

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The Underbase Deconstructs Robots In Disguise #10

Another of our popular deconstructed series podcasts, we invited John Barber and Livio Ramondelli to talk Robots In Disguise issue 10 titled Syndromica part two. Have a listen to the mind set behind the creation of this single issue!

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The Underbase Reviews Fall of Cybertron Comic Series

Fall of Cybertron jumped into the digital domain with this six issue tie-in and we bring on a special reviewer to conquer all six issues in one go! It's a conflict between Grimlock and Shockwave, join us as we talk history, game points, and what we ultimately thought of this series! 

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The Underbase Classics Episode 005

Heading into the first of the Marvel UK-generated issues, the team of Paul, Joe and two (count em) Adams encounters THE MAN OF IRON. You can listen, or you you can avoid. . . . . but frankly it's our best show yet so I suggest you give it a go and enjoy!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #85

Short news week so we jump right into the review of this issue that Furman and company have been saying is the first big payoff of the series! Find out what the Underbase crew thought of it!

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The Underbase Classics Episode 004

Join Joe, Paul and Adam as they race through the finale of the original Marvel Transformers mini-series with issue#4 – THE LAST STAND. Stand by for Megatrons take on strategic discussion, a nasty piece of work called Jazz, spandex aerobics girls, the Korean war and the horror which is Mr O. . . . . . all leading up to one of the most iconic final pages in TF history!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #10

This week Matt and Adam roll though the news before we crash into MTMTE#10, and the second part of SHADOWPLAY. Joined, as ever, by Andy, expect a truck-tonne of detail, action and more plot than you can drop a pair of pants at.

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The Rescue Centre Episode 17

Back in the Rescue Centre this week is a certain celebrity in the Rescue Bot world as Bumblebee rolls to the Rescue! Check out what Nicole and Aimee thought of this episode!

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The Underbase Reviews RID #10

Our brains are mush after reading Robots In Disguise issue 10! It is ONLY with the help of McFeely we are able to untie the knots in our heads after reading it. (WARNING: side effects of this podcast and issue may be light to severe headache and or chronal sea displacement. Listen at your own risk.) * Also news section reveals Solicits for January 2013. Review starts at 21 mins in.

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The Underbase Deconstructs More Than Meets The Eye Annual

Our second Deconstruction comic interview… James Roberts joins us to give us the dirt on the MTMTE Annual 0f 2012! Find the ins and outs of this extra comic goodie we got in September from the writer himself!

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The Underbase Interviews Transformers: Multiverse

This week we bring you the end of our contest and the winner is announced! Then news and because of circumstances out of our control and the lack of sleep we are not reviewing RID 10, but we bring you an important Transformers: Multiverse episode! Because this episode is a tad shorter than usual, we'll also be bringing a special podcast this weekend! So tune in then.

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The Underbase Interviews John-Paul Bove

Join the show today and get to know Mr. John-Paul Bove, colorist on Regeneration One! Interview was recorded in person at Auto Assembly 2012! Thanks for listening!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #84

The crew led by Ad8m review this intense issue of Regeneration One, Issue 84! Wreckers, Megatron, and things going badly, oh my!

* Intro & News

* Review [@22 mins in]

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The Underbase Classics Episode 003

Adam, Paul and a special guest venture into issue 3 of the Marvel G1 miniseries. With copyright-disputed characters a-plenty, an official scale of “dumbassery” and possibly the most improbable special team since they announced the pairs for Strictly Come Dancing.

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The Underbase Reviews RID Annual

We have a McFeely back in a return to the Metrotitan story started in the first issue of the Annual weeks ago. Now here in Annual part two! Does this issue hit with the same "Whoa" reactions? How does Chris like where its going? And how have both the Annuals been? Listen in and get the scoop!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #9

Two weeks in a row we review a MTMTE comic! The Underbase crew hits its 200th episode this episode and what better way to celebrate it than to review a glowing endorsed comic! Tune in and see just how much we love this issue! And don't forget about our contest!

* Intro & News

* MTMTE #9 Review [@19 mins in]

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The Underbase Talks MTMTE Annual

The Underbase controls are hijacked this weekend to bring you a hour of Annual talking goodness. On the review this last week we rushed through 3 pages... 3 pages that struck at the heart of Transformers lore! And two podcasting voices just could not let it lie without saying a few words. Tune in and have a listen to a grand discussion on what those 3 pages were and possibly what they might mean!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE Annual

Skype issues continue to plague the base from under our noses. Grimlock King, Lady of Wreckage, and Commander of Cobras prove their might effectively against an ANNUAL! Basically a two issue comic in one podcasting review! Think we can do it? Or will it destroy the underbase might forever??

* Intro & News (includes December Solicits)

* MTMTE Annual Review [@33 mins in]

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The Rescue Centre Episode 16

It's the Lost Bell and not only are the fanatasic duo back again to talk about it, we are thoroughly entertained this episode. And you could be too!

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The Underbase Reviews RID #9

A week late but never short… the Underbase is back to review Robots In Disguise issue #9! Aimee, Matt, and Adam give their page by page thoughts!

* Intro & News 

* Review [@15 mins in]

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The Underbase Classics Episode 002

Join Adam, Paul and Joe as the two Cybertronian factions make themselves at home on planet Earth, in their own special ways. Also noted, Bumblebee whines, Ravage sucks up and Megatron falls foul of some unique artistry!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #83

The cast finds it hard to keep it serious and down to reviewing business this podcast due to Skype issues but the show must go on and eventually we open our comics! Have a listen as we talk Regeneration One issue #83! And welcome Matt back to the show! Don't forget to find the podcast notes on this week as a nice surprise will be waiting.

* Intro & News 

* Review [@12 mins in]

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The Rescue Centre Episode 15

We talk about how important Manuel is to this episode as we review Rules and Regulations this week! Just be sure to have your bounce houses ready when listening to this podcast. It might just save your life!

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The Underbase Interviews James Roberts at AA2012

The Underbase interviews James Roberts at Auto Assembly 2012 where we talk More Than Meets The Eye, the Annual, Shadow Play, and whats in store for the future of the Lost Light! (With a brief news section, 6 mins long.)

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The Underbase Classics Episode 001

Where better to start the Underbase Classics podcast than back at the very start! Marvel Comics (U.S.) issue# 1!  

Join Adam, Paul and Joe as we go through the American release of the very first Transformers comic. . . . . . and be warned. . . . . there’s a lot of introducing to be done!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #8

Fall of Cybertron might be out this week BUT we still have a podcast and Aimee and Adam are running the show this week! Muahahaha! It's time for a little bot of MTMTE issue 8. Part two of the DJD intro into the IDW verse. And they bring the pain! Find out what we think of this weeks issue!

* Intro & News 

* MTMTE#8 Review [@21 mins in]

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Rescue Centre Episode 14

Aimee and Nicole review the Griffin Rock Triangle in all it's glory! We are back with more Rescue Bots and more good times talking about them! It's like LOST but more fun!

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The Underbase Deconstructs More Than Meets The Eye #6

There's NO comic this week but we've got a HUGE goodie for listeners! First we have the news and then Nick and James talk More Than Meets The Eye issue 6 DECONSTRUCTED! So crack out your latest issue #6 and follow along as Nick and James give you all the nitty gritty and dark details about this explosive issue! (WARNING: SPOILERS! Only listen if you have read MTMTE 6!)

* Intro & News 

* MTMTE#6 Deconstructed [@17 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews RID #8

Post Auto Assembly, we bring you a LIVE review of RID #8! It gets a little silly but before it descends into complete and total chaos we talk comic review! AND CAMEO from Livio Ramondelli!

* Intro & News 

* Review RID 8 [@14 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #82

Regeneration One issue 82 lands in our laps on the eve of Auto Assembly!  Matt and Adam  review the first of IDW's DINOBOT MONTH issues, with a very special guest.

* Intro & News 

* REGEN 1 #82 Review [@19 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #7

Underbase is down one wrecking belle this week but the podcast must go on! Andy joins the team for a review of MTMTE!

* Intro and News

* More Than Meets The Eye 7 [@ 18 mins in]

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The Underbase celebrates 2 years of podcasting

It has been TWO years of podcasting for the Underbase and we celebrate it this podcast in a very casual way… but not before we talk news and dancing monkeys!

* Intro & News 

* Anniversary Show [@27 mins in] 

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #81

Regeneration One issue 81 is here! Matt, Aimee, and Adam have it in their hot little hands and we've got a lot to say!

* Intro & News 

* Geek Highlight [@14 mins in]

* REGEN 1 #81 Review [@18 mins in]

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Rescue Centre Episode 13

Aimee and Nicole's 13th episode is almost taken over by a certain more than meets the eye beginning… And then we rage at Kade's arrogance as we review Small Blessings this episode!

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The Underbase Reviews RID #7

McFeely joins the Underbase crew this week to review Robots in Disguise issue 7 where Turmoil appears! It's so awesome the comic can barely contain him! Wait for it… WOOHOO!

* Intro & News 

* Geek Highlight [@13 mins in]

* RID #7 Review [@21 mins in]

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The Underbase Autocracy Roundtable Interview

We promised to bring these guys back for a follow up interview and here it is! Flint Dille, Chris Metzen, and Livio Ramondelli all together on one podcast to talk Autocracy! And the goodness doesn't stop there because this is our second year of podcasting we have new beats for the Underbase! A HUGE thanks to KingLaffo for the smooth tunes! Also please check for show notes and links to Roger Slifer.

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #6

Matt, Aimee, and Andy bring back the geek highlight this week before we jump into a thorough review of More Than Meets The Eye Issue #6. This is gonna be one controversial comic because this issue drops some surprises!!

* Intro & News

* Geek Highlight [@11 mins in]

* MTMTE #6 Review [@23 mins in]

Check for additional links.

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Rescue Centre Episode 12

Aimee and Nicole challenge themselves with reviewing two episodes! Can they do it in an hour? Or close to it? And what could possibly prompt such a feat? Listen and find out!!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 12

Aimee directs the ship this week! But not without help from the Admiral and a faithful matey! Argh, we be the pirates of the Underbase because every podcast needs more pirates and comics too! Autocracy comes to a close and here there be reviews! This is one epic podcast!

* Intro and News [Sept Solicits @8 mins]

* Autocracy #12 Review [@33 mins in]

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Rescue Centre Episode 11

Aimee and Nicole spend an extra few minutes on this show as it gives a great twist at the end of the Jurassic Park meets Rescue Bots themed episode. Enjoy!

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The Underbase interviews TF Mosaic and Reviews RID #6

Aimee, Matt and David (our last review guest) are back once again to review but before we talk about Robots in Disguise issue 6, we have an interview with the creators of the Transformers Mosaic project that has been running for the last 5 years! Another epic podcast brought to you by the Underbase! What a way to run 2 years of podcasting eh?

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Rescue Centre Episode 10

Aimee and Nicole detail the finer points of pirating a podcast with robots and sharks in our 10th Rescue attempt in the world of Griffin Rock!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 11

News, insecticon wars, geek highlights, house moving and buying, fanfic, warnings, television shows, video games, comic reviews and CUDDLES OH MY?! What doesn't this podcast include this week come rain, shine, or sickness? Everything BUT the kitchen sink as the ants ran away with it. This is one packed podcast!

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Rescue Centre Episode 9

Aimee and Nicole talk the wonderful world of the winter right in good ole Griffin Rock. That's right we're going all snow on the show! Wanna know how it is all possible? Watch this episode and hear what we have to say about it!

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The Underbase Reviews RID #5

Matt, Aimee, and new podcasting guest David (Shockscream on FMH) review Robots In Disguise issue 5. We have a bit of song, joke, and random animation cartoon lines present in this podcast. And a whole lot of Robots In Disguise review! (Light swears)

* Intro and News 

* RID #5 review [@8 mins in] 

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Rescue Centre Episode 8

Aimee and Nicole talk about the wildside of cow bell, Bob, pets, and recycling tidbits on this weeks Rescue Bots review!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 10 and MTMTE 5

So much to cover this week with two reviews… we crack straight into the news and Barrel out Autocracy 10 review followed by MTMTE issue 5 review! What happens when we get so much good storyline well… you'll have to listen to find out!

* Intro and News 

* Autocracy 10 Review [@ 22 mins in]

* MTMTE #5 [@43 mins in] 

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Rescue Centre Episode 7

Four Bots and disaster waiting to happen… we've got another reviewing episode of those lovable Bots and their human counterparts. See how this episode measured up to Aimee and Nicole! There's a lot of evil in this episode!

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The Underbase interviews Chris Metzen and Flint Dille

We've put the word out… no comics this week because we HAD to interview Chris Metzen and Flint Dille about their first digital comic! Have a listen to this awesome interview times TWO and then go buy Autocracy! (Apologies for the background noise through the first half of the interview!) We hit all things Transformers and how Blizzard is connected. *wink* (Check out this link: for Flint's previous interview!)

* Intro and News 

* Autocracy Talk [@13 mins in]

* Who is Chris Metzen? [@35 mins in] 

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Rescue Centre Episode 6

Aimee and Nicole gush about episode six where Boulder finally steps forward in the show! And something unexpected? A new turn for the Rescue Bots story line!

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The Underbase 100th Episode!

It's an amazing day for Transformers not only is it the podcast after Free Comic Book Day, it's a day of birthdays and anniversaries… It's our 100th show! And it's the 28th anniversary of Transformers Marvel US issue #1 hitting the shelves! And what better way to celebrate it then to talk Regeneration One 80.5 with our Mr. Classic reviewer Ad8m! If you've never participated at Free Comic Book Day, have a listen to what it's all about on this podcast! (Only comes once a year!) And then because this is how we roll on the underbase, we review Autocracy 9 too! (light swears!)

* Intro and News 

* Review of 80.5 [@ 21 mins in]

* Autocracy 9 Review [@55 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 8

The retired boss man of Moonbase2 joins us once again for news, a little Botcon talk and ranting. Then a review of Autocracy 8! And to wrap up round two of our cuddle series! We might make you hungry… or sick. Or both. But definitely smiles all around. Muahahaha! Thanks for our cuddle guests: Alex Milne and Josh Perez!

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Rescue Centre Episode 5

Aimee and Nicole talk invasion. Griffin Rock style. Come have your mind blown by the crazy that is this episode this week!

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise 4

Robots In Disguise number 4 is back to wow us with… spoilers here… join Matt, Aimee, and Chris McFeely as we once again give RID our attention and reviewing this week! Is it continuing to give us something to rave about or something to rant at? (Also talk a bit of Botcon and characters!)

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 4

It's MTMTE review time and we couldn't review without a Millman on the podcast this week. We are close to 100 episodes and this issue makes a milestone for the Underbase… listen in to see what that milestone is!

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Rescue Centre Episode 4

Another episode where Flobsters with potential to kill you with dysentery take over the podcast! Wanna know what we mean? Tune in to this episode it will leave you rolling!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 7

We get a visit from a friend to the podcast and we go through everything current in the world of Transformers fiction, then news, and lastly we review Autocracy 7! So much goodness… all in one podcast. 

* Intro 

* Transformers Prime Talk and bits [@9 mins in]

* News [@25 mins in]

* Autocracy 7 [@44 mins in]

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Rescue Centre Episode 3

Aimee and Nicole share another Rescue episode of the lovable Rescue Bots, this time Blades takes one for the team!

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The Underbase reviews Autocracy 6

Surprises for the listeners… we don't know how the podcast will end this week. We start the show hoping that it all comes together in the end. Does it? Well, have a listen and tell us if it works for you? A special cuddle with some favorites… you may be surprised at how endearing this show will be!

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Rescue Centre Episode 2

Aimee and Nicole review episode two, Under Pressure! Does a Volcano on Griffin Rock make sense? We'll let you our thoughts!

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise 3

Short news to report this week and we go straight to the reviewing crew with Mr. Chris McFeely to shred RID issue 3! Does it continue to hold up and wow us in our expectations?! You might be surprised at the results as conversation breaks down in our final thoughts!

* Intro and News 

* Comic/Geek Highlight [@ 9 mins in]

* Robots In Disguise 3 [@ 19 mins in]

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Rescue Centre Episode 1

Welcome to our first episode review of Transformers Rescue Bots! Your hosts are Aimee and Nicole! We'll be cracking right into the reviews weekly! This episode reviews "Family of Heroes." Thanks for listening!

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The Underbase March News

The Underbase brings you June solicits and news this week as Robots In Diguise has been pushed back to next week. And then Matt and Aimee answer listener questions!! If you've asked them we answer them here! Thanks for listening!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 5 and MTMTE 3

We are in the penthouse and still working ourselves to ruin as we have TWO comic reviews for our first private Underbase hosted thread! Autocracy 5 and MTMTE 3 review both can be found at for your listening pleasure! And please don't forget to update your subscriptions in iTunes!!

* Intro and News 

* Autocracy 5 [@ 13 mins in]

* MTMTE 3 review[@ 53 mins in]

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