The Underbase Podcast (discussion)
The Underbase Discussion Series : Comic Basement #4 Gender Roundtable

Join Mikey and guests Isa, Sprite and Heather, as they discuss a wide range of aspects involving gender and the representation in both the Transformer, and wider, comic communities.

Insightfull, hilarious, revealing and often razor-sharp, this is not only one of the most, hopefully, enjoyable discussions we have published on the Underbase, but covers several topics in a frank and level-headed fashion that is sometimes missing across certain elements of our fandom.

As a sidenote, there are more killer quotes in this show than you can shake a stick at, but also a few audio issues we have hopefully minimised. Contains strong language.



03:50 Growing up with transformers

18:50 Great/favourite female characters, pre-IDW

29:50 What were the main issues with representation in the TF universe, pre-IDW

43:30 The shame of the Starscream fan club

47:00 The current positive swings in comic media representation and the power of social media

1:00:04 IDW comics, starting with Arcee

1:16:00 - Getaway, and his links to Mikey's nightmare club incident

1:19:30 - The current IDW attitude, the increasingly vocal fan support.

1:34:00 - The importance of fan-fiction and the creative exploits of the Transformer fanbase, including adult fiction.

1:40:30 Victorion and discussion on where the current plot will lead.

1:45:00 What non-IDW TF character would you like to be included in future IDW cannon.

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The Underbase Discussion Series : Comic Basement #3

Hot topics in your Transformers? Mikey and Vangelus are on the discussion mission to chin wag about everything in the current continuity for a third installment of Mikey’s comic basement! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Podcast reviews. . . . Transformers: Punishment

A longer discussion/review this week, focusing on TF: Punishment, the five part digital series now released as a collected edition. Joe and Paul discuss their views, while battling some technical issues.

Memorial page for Nemmy:

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The Underbase Season Two Discussion

Mikey's comic basement discussion series! He invites internet personality Vangelus to chatter and discuss in depth about MTMTE and RID Season Two! They talk characters and perspectives on what they are seeing and what they'd like to see in the future! Tune in for this two hour discussion while we have a comic break this week! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Talks Windblade 1

Windblade made its debut this week and what better topic to have as a discussion than more Windblade chatter for the weekend show!? Lets review some points, ALL NEW points mind, from two Underbase regulars who just couldn't resist a chance to talk about this new comic! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Talks Retrospective Season One

Mikey and Chris sit down to have a retrospective talk on Season One of Ongoing MTMTE and RID. They talk their opinions, what stood out, strengths and weaknesses… and finally realize they bit off more than they could chew and may need to sit down to chatter some more at a later date! Until then, listen in and have a walk into their brains for an hour and a half! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Talks Season 2

WARNING! The following unplanned, late night, discussion contains so many errors, it's a wonder we got our names right. . . . . but sometimes you just got to have a natter. . . . and Dave hasn't chatted to one podcaster in a while. . . .

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The Underbase Talks MTMTE

Who will live and who will die on the Lost Light? What's gonna happen to some of our favorite characters in the coming weeks? Join us for a discussion on what a group of fans think will happen to every member of the crew of the Lost Light. Be prepared for tears!

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