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The Underbase Classics Episode 13: Peace

Not really a standard Underbase review but just a few team-members nattering for a few hours... folks somehow manage to cover a Wreckers-featured 1989 annual story, in the middle of it all. Along the way, we talk comics, families, politics, films and fallen celebrities.

Looking to start back on a few more reviews soon, hopefully with a bit more of our regular structure.

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The Underbase Classics Episode  012

The Underbase Classics team tackle the Marvel Comics American G1 issue#6: The Worse of Two Evils.

Join Joe "Teebee", Tricky, Paul and host Adam as they review and discuss the issue. Please note, the recording contains a brief element of "franglitalian" cannot be helped.

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The Underbase Classics Episode 011

The Underbase Classics team zips back (after a mere, few years) with Adam, Tricky, Joe and Paul reviewing Marvel's G1 story A NEW ORDER. US issue#5, UK issues#22 and 23.

As you would expect, the comedy does get a little fruity. . . . you've met Paul, haven't you?

As noted on the show, we are placing our new episodes up on youtube, so swing by and tell us if you want any old shows released there! -

Our previous classic shows are all here -

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The Underbase Classics Episode 010

A lost recording from last year's UNDERBASE CLASSICS, this unaired attempt to record a TRANSFORMERS:CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE book is 80mins of unashamed fun and laughter. Even if this is too long for your weekly commute, keep a hold of this for a day when you need a lift. Massive thanks to Gruffy, Joe and Paul for this.

The perils of Brandy delivering, the battle of Joe's vocal range and Paul trying not to die.

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The Underbase Classics Episode 009

Your ears do not decieve you, it IS an UNDERBASE CLASSIC, squeezed into the schedules before John Barber can publish another 5 Transformers comics!

Finally finishing off THE ENEMY WITHIN (The Marvel UK classic from back, back, BACK in the day) with help from the team of Joe, Paul, Adam and special guest Andrew Turnbull.

BEFORE YOU LISTEN: Please listen to the first part of this review, released so long ago that one member of the team did not even realise he was going to become a father (again) before this second installment became available. . . .

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The Underbase Classics Episode 008

The UNDERBASE CLASSICS motors into the new year with the first of two episodes covering Simon Furman's first Transformers story - THE ENEMY WITHIN. Join Adam, Joe, Paul and our special guest, Mr Andrew Turnbull, for issues one and two. . . . . and the only Batman Villain Sean Connery has ever played!

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The Underbase Classics Episode 007

A small bite-sized UNDERBASE CLASSICS rounds out our year as the attendees of the 2012 LONDON SOCIAL MEET recite the Ladybird classic THE AUTOBOTS LIGHTENING STRIKE! Note that there is heavy background noise, more than a few hecklers and, no, Adam meant to say "Marvel comics" and not "Hasbro" in his introduction. . . . Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Underbase Classics Episode 006

It's the second part of THE MAN OF IRON and that means Paul, Joe and Grufflock create the carnage, while host Ad8m fights an epic struggle to keep us on track. Intense discussion, frank analysis, and highbrow fayre here. . . . . no sign of "Mutley" at all. . . . . .

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The Underbase Classics Episode 005

Heading into the first of the Marvel UK-generated issues, the team of Paul, Joe and two (count em) Adams encounters THE MAN OF IRON. You can listen, or you you can avoid. . . . . but frankly it's our best show yet so I suggest you give it a go and enjoy!

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The Underbase Classics Episode 004

Join Joe, Paul and Adam as they race through the finale of the original Marvel Transformers mini-series with issue#4 – THE LAST STAND. Stand by for Megatrons take on strategic discussion, a nasty piece of work called Jazz, spandex aerobics girls, the Korean war and the horror which is Mr O. . . . . . all leading up to one of the most iconic final pages in TF history!

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The Underbase Classics Episode 003

Adam, Paul and a special guest venture into issue 3 of the Marvel G1 miniseries. With copyright-disputed characters a-plenty, an official scale of “dumbassery” and possibly the most improbable special team since they announced the pairs for Strictly Come Dancing.

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The Underbase Classics Episode 002

Join Adam, Paul and Joe as the two Cybertronian factions make themselves at home on planet Earth, in their own special ways. Also noted, Bumblebee whines, Ravage sucks up and Megatron falls foul of some unique artistry!

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The Underbase Classics Episode 001

Where better to start the Underbase Classics podcast than back at the very start! Marvel Comics (U.S.) issue# 1!  

Join Adam, Paul and Joe as we go through the American release of the very first Transformers comic. . . . . . and be warned. . . . . there’s a lot of introducing to be done!

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