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The Underbase reviews MTMTE #28

The highly anticipated return of MTMTE! And another reviewer down, we have guest @inhumanoids to join Matt and Chris McFeely as they review MTMTE 28, the start of Season Two! We also celebrate our 200th week of podcasting this week! Making the episode count at 260! Good times! [Clean]

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The Underbase Interview of Season Two

We welcome back the writer who writes More Than Meets The Eye, James Roberts to chat about Season One, Dark Cybertron, and what we all want to hear about . . . Season Two! 


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The Underbase Review Robots In Disguise #28

RID is back and we have our Beast Hunters Team to review issue 28! But throw in the good ship Continuity, Josh Boyfriend, homemade brew, Buster, and moments of weirdness. Also the podcast is podcast bombed by Suzy. It's a cracking issue! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Talks Windblade 1

Windblade made its debut this week and what better topic to have as a discussion than more Windblade chatter for the weekend show!? Lets review some points, ALL NEW points mind, from two Underbase regulars who just couldn't resist a chance to talk about this new comic! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Review Windblade 1

The wait is finally over, Windblade kicks off the beginning of our return from Dark Cybertron! (Besides having no comic for two weeks!) The Underbase presents a first podcast crossover in this first review of the long awaited series! It may just be the time of the night, the fact that we start art snobbing, or the comic itself… but we have a rolling good time! All while reviewing Windblade. But is it a buy or a pass? [clean]


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The Underbase Talks Retrospective Season One

Mikey and Chris sit down to have a retrospective talk on Season One of Ongoing MTMTE and RID. They talk their opinions, what stood out, strengths and weaknesses… and finally realize they bit off more than they could chew and may need to sit down to chatter some more at a later date! Until then, listen in and have a walk into their brains for an hour and a half! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Interviews Sarah Stone

Without an issue to review this week, we brought in a special guest who will be debuting in Transformers comics in another week! Sarah Stone, artist of Windblade, joins the Underbase for a chatter on her art and beginnings! Don't forget to get to your local comic shop next week and pick up the first issue of Windblade! []

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The Underbase Talks Season 2

WARNING! The following unplanned, late night, discussion contains so many errors, it's a wonder we got our names right. . . . . but sometimes you just got to have a natter. . . . and Dave hasn't chatted to one podcaster in a while. . . .

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The Underbase Reviews Dark Cybertron Chapter 12, round 2

It's round two of the Dark Cybertron wrap-up reviews! Team #1 gives their review followed by marks and their overall enjoyment of the whole event. And of course in regular discussion fashion expectations of what's to come in both the Ongoing and Windblade. We cover all bases this week. (Movie chatter in the outtakes, Winter Soldier teases, very cryptic talk as Matt hasn't seen it yet.) [Explicit]


Special thanks to @Timey2Wimey for the Shockwave voiceover contribution.

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