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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #6

Matt, Aimee, and Andy bring back the geek highlight this week before we jump into a thorough review of More Than Meets The Eye Issue #6. This is gonna be one controversial comic because this issue drops some surprises!!

* Intro & News

* Geek Highlight [@11 mins in]

* MTMTE #6 Review [@23 mins in]

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Rescue Centre Episode 12

Aimee and Nicole challenge themselves with reviewing two episodes! Can they do it in an hour? Or close to it? And what could possibly prompt such a feat? Listen and find out!!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 12

Aimee directs the ship this week! But not without help from the Admiral and a faithful matey! Argh, we be the pirates of the Underbase because every podcast needs more pirates and comics too! Autocracy comes to a close and here there be reviews! This is one epic podcast!

* Intro and News [Sept Solicits @8 mins]

* Autocracy #12 Review [@33 mins in]

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Rescue Centre Episode 11

Aimee and Nicole spend an extra few minutes on this show as it gives a great twist at the end of the Jurassic Park meets Rescue Bots themed episode. Enjoy!

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The Underbase interviews TF Mosaic and Reviews RID #6

Aimee, Matt and David (our last review guest) are back once again to review but before we talk about Robots in Disguise issue 6, we have an interview with the creators of the Transformers Mosaic project that has been running for the last 5 years! Another epic podcast brought to you by the Underbase! What a way to run 2 years of podcasting eh?

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Rescue Centre Episode 10

Aimee and Nicole detail the finer points of pirating a podcast with robots and sharks in our 10th Rescue attempt in the world of Griffin Rock!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 11

News, insecticon wars, geek highlights, house moving and buying, fanfic, warnings, television shows, video games, comic reviews and CUDDLES OH MY?! What doesn't this podcast include this week come rain, shine, or sickness? Everything BUT the kitchen sink as the ants ran away with it. This is one packed podcast!

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Rescue Centre Episode 9

Aimee and Nicole talk the wonderful world of the winter right in good ole Griffin Rock. That's right we're going all snow on the show! Wanna know how it is all possible? Watch this episode and hear what we have to say about it!

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