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The Underbase Reviews RID #5

Matt, Aimee, and new podcasting guest David (Shockscream on FMH) review Robots In Disguise issue 5. We have a bit of song, joke, and random animation cartoon lines present in this podcast. And a whole lot of Robots In Disguise review! (Light swears)

* Intro and News 

* RID #5 review [@8 mins in] 

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Rescue Centre Episode 8

Aimee and Nicole talk about the wildside of cow bell, Bob, pets, and recycling tidbits on this weeks Rescue Bots review!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 10 and MTMTE 5

So much to cover this week with two reviews… we crack straight into the news and Barrel out Autocracy 10 review followed by MTMTE issue 5 review! What happens when we get so much good storyline well… you'll have to listen to find out!

* Intro and News 

* Autocracy 10 Review [@ 22 mins in]

* MTMTE #5 [@43 mins in] 

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Rescue Centre Episode 7

Four Bots and disaster waiting to happen… we've got another reviewing episode of those lovable Bots and their human counterparts. See how this episode measured up to Aimee and Nicole! There's a lot of evil in this episode!

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The Underbase interviews Chris Metzen and Flint Dille

We've put the word out… no comics this week because we HAD to interview Chris Metzen and Flint Dille about their first digital comic! Have a listen to this awesome interview times TWO and then go buy Autocracy! (Apologies for the background noise through the first half of the interview!) We hit all things Transformers and how Blizzard is connected. *wink* (Check out this link: for Flint's previous interview!)

* Intro and News 

* Autocracy Talk [@13 mins in]

* Who is Chris Metzen? [@35 mins in] 

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Rescue Centre Episode 6

Aimee and Nicole gush about episode six where Boulder finally steps forward in the show! And something unexpected? A new turn for the Rescue Bots story line!

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The Underbase 100th Episode!

It's an amazing day for Transformers not only is it the podcast after Free Comic Book Day, it's a day of birthdays and anniversaries… It's our 100th show! And it's the 28th anniversary of Transformers Marvel US issue #1 hitting the shelves! And what better way to celebrate it then to talk Regeneration One 80.5 with our Mr. Classic reviewer Ad8m! If you've never participated at Free Comic Book Day, have a listen to what it's all about on this podcast! (Only comes once a year!) And then because this is how we roll on the underbase, we review Autocracy 9 too! (light swears!)

* Intro and News 

* Review of 80.5 [@ 21 mins in]

* Autocracy 9 Review [@55 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 8

The retired boss man of Moonbase2 joins us once again for news, a little Botcon talk and ranting. Then a review of Autocracy 8! And to wrap up round two of our cuddle series! We might make you hungry… or sick. Or both. But definitely smiles all around. Muahahaha! Thanks for our cuddle guests: Alex Milne and Josh Perez!

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