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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Bumblebee

If you thought we'd forgot about him, then this podcast is here to prove that this under-appreciated Bot is not down and out! Spotlight Bumblebee, reviewed for the Underbase weekend show with two special guests!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #16

We skip the news this week to bring you More Than Meets The Eye issue 16! And joining us is a former guest who hasn't been on the podcast since the early days of the Underbase!

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise 16

After sixteen issues we have reached the end of the first arc of Robots In Disguise and it will shake your world. Listen in as our reviewers give us the dirt and their assessment of how weighty this issue really is! (Also July Solicits for our news section! Go to for links and notes!)

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #4

An increasing rough-voiced Ad8m, an increasingly excited Joe Teanby and an increasing “ relaxed” special guest star Razz look at the forth issue of IDW’s MONSTROSITY.

The Little Mermaid, this is not!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #90

Regeneration One issue 90 is upon us, wrapping up the 2nd arc of the series. Tune in to find out what the review team thought if it. (WARNING: Because of the news, Aimee obsesses about Wreckers…)

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Trailcutter

It's the question we've been asking from the beginning, does this Spotlight need to exist? Tune in to find out what our reviewers thought about Spotlight Trailcutter!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #3

Yes that's right folks… Monstrosity takes a lead on the weekly show this podcast. But first Wondercon news from Matt and Aimee. Then prepare for our entertaining review as we play musical reviews this week!

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