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The Underbase Reviews Sins of the Wreckers issue 2

Issue #2 of Sins brings the Underbase crew together to talk about everyone’s favorite mean green fighting machines! And more animal punching carnage! Let it be a thing! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Sins of the Wreckers issue 1

SINS of the Wreckers has been released to the world in all its glory! Did it shatter your pants? We couldn’t let it go without a good review, so the Underbase crew is back once again to wreck and rule! You won’t want to miss this bear kicking issue! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Sins of the Wreckers Preview

The anticipation for this continued series has been high! Sins of the Wreckers Preview is the theme for this podcast and you don’t wanna miss it. (Sins of the Wreckers to be released this next week!) Gear up and get ready for a discussion about Wreckers! [Explicit]

Check out the PREVIEW here!

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The Underbase reviews Timelines Issue 10

Adam starts the show by explaining last weeks news and our announcement, in more detail, to clarify certain aspects and calm some of you wonderfull folk down.

Then jump to 10:15 and botcon! much as it ever is.

Technically, this is a botcon review... but since the guys are on the second half of a lengthy recording session (and not on a comic they particularly enjoy) the conversation takes it's inevitable spin off onto wrestling, DC comics, penguin species, Jedi and other, more serious, issues... some of this has been left to the end, so keep listening!
Explicit Language...what did you expect!

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The Underbase Public Service Announcement

After 5 years of podcasting, life has changed for the Underbase hosts and we’ve got an announcement for this week. Just a few links mentioned in the show:


Target 2006 link

Jeff Anderson Interview

Cuddle Interviews

Andy Schimdt Interview

Chris Metzen & Flint Dille Interview


Transmissions Podcast

Audio Knights Theatre


Please feel free to listen in on all of our interviews over the last 5 years. The early ones are here, and the more recent ones here. Thanks for tuning in!!

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The Underbase Reviews Timelines issue 9

With the 2015 event almost apon us, Matt, Gruffy and Chris return to review the first of two Botcon releases BotCon timelines issue number 9.
Be warned folks, just because this issues promises a less drastic response than previous issues, it doesn't mean the guys will be any less off-topic and certainly no less explicit in their language!

If you are crazy enough to want to listen to the infamous issue#7, it can be found on our podcast homepage at

or via our new youtube page at

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TF: Treasury special - The Underbase original review of MTMTE#1

To celebrate this weeks release of IDW's treasury edition, containing MTMTE#1, RID#1 and The Death of Optimus Prime, we thought it time to re-release our own original reviews of these issues, from the depths of the old (MB2) vault.

Aimee can barely contain her excitement here, as we start the first review of MTMTE! Join us as we journey wth a ramshackle crew, on a quest for the knights of Cybertron. With writer James Roberts onboard, things don't look good for them!

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The Underbase reviews IDW Transformers Treasury Edition (kinda)

To tie in with this weeks IDW Transformers:Treasury Edition (collecting THE DEATH OF OPTIMUS PRIME, RID#1 and MTMTE#1 together in oversized print) we have broken our original reviews out from the (what was MB2) vaults!
Current readers who have joined since the start the current ongoing series will hardly believe just how excited/relieved we were for this new era of TF comics. . . . . it was Christmas in more ways than one!

This show will feature our DoOP review, while our original reviews for MTMTE#1 and RID#1, will go up this weekend. . . . . Just don't blame us for getting our predictions wrong. . . . . Transformer plots didn't used to suprise as much!

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The Underbase Reviews: Transformers #41

Transformers#41: an issue that delivers several revelations, and deserves discussion. Tricky, Andy and Adam readthrough and comment on the events occuring here, so grab a drink, get yourself comfy and prepare for some great discussion.

Please support TOY-FU at AA! They can be reached at

Listen to the Old Oilhouse channel at

Please send all Burger King Transformer head toys to

Our new youtube page -

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The Underbase May News Update

Time for a news update, as Adam and Nicole go over a some recent developments from the Underbase itself, various conventions, creative projects from the shows colaborators and fans, and then run through IDW's solicitations up through to July.

00:00 to 06:00 Intro/politics/being old

06:00 to 09:07 Podcast interviews
Mairghread Scott -
Vangelus -

09:07 to 23:28   Conventions
Auto Assembly -
Phoenix Comicon - Aimee's panel with Livio -
Botcon - Comic character Rooks facebook page -
TF Con -
TF Expo - Exclusive cute stuff!exclusives/c1xso
Rollout rollcall -
London summer meet -

23:28 to 32:36 Friends projects
Jem podcast -
Brian Shearer's William the last -
JP Bove's website -
Old Oil House Audio project-

32:36 onwards - solicitations

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The Underbase Reviews Monster Motors issue 2

Monster Motors: The Curse of MiniVan Helsing reaches it's conclusion. Join Adam and Nicole as they runthrough, review and have fun with iGor, Buggy, Wheelwolf and friends! Caution: issue contains an alt mode, theme tunes and a face you want to slap!

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The Underbase Reviews: Transformers GI Joe issue 6

Transformers GI Joe issue#6 has finally arrived! After last issues last-minute run-through, Adam again goes solo for a quick runthrough and review. His brain being what it is, it's not perfect, but hopefully folks appreciate a shorter format of review.

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The Underbase Reviews: Angry Birds Transformers issue#4

Join Adam and Nicole as they finish up one of the best, and certainly most unexpected, mini-series from IDW's Transformer team. Angry Birds Transformers#4.
Seriously, who'd have thought this would be so good?

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The Underbase Reviews Monster Motors

MONSTER MOTORS RETURNS! the Nick Roche-drawn series that many of us Underbase hosts have been waiting for has been finally released and there was no way we weren't going to review this! Join Adam, Tricky and Nicole (plus random Irish gatecrasher) as we watch trucks fight cars, and epic kung fu fails. Make sure you check this issue out, this weekend!

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The Underbase reviews: Drift: Empire of Stone issue 4

Adam, Luffy and Temple tackle Drift: Empire of Stone issue#4. With the series reaching it's conclusion, we let loose on what we thought of it.

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The Underbase reviews Angry Birds vs Transformers issue #3

With more adventures behind the scenes, and out-takes I am not brave enough to add, at present) Adam and Nicole brave Piggy Island to catch up on the growing conflict between Birds, Pigs, eggs and a chilling new sub-species!

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The Underbase reviews: Transformers Vs Gi Joe issue#5

After his computer killed the original group review, join Underbase host Ad8m as he tackles TF vs Gi Joe#5, by himself, in a whirl of jump frames and Barber/Scioli insanity. This one is only 30mins, let me know if you like this unplanned shorter format!

Joe's deviantart page:

Abi's deviantart page:

Abi's Paetron page:

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Join Luffy, Temple and host Adam as they swing through the third issue of Drift: Army of Stone. We also try to predict how this will all end. . . . most wishes involving Grit (hooray) and Hellbat (boo)

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The Underbase Reviews Angry Birds Transformers #2

Adam and Nicole are finally alone together. . . . what better to do than review Angry Birds Transformers issue #2 eh? Warning: Contains randomness, asides and the at least one gaming addict!

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The Underbase Reviews Drift: Empire of Stone #2

Join Luffy, Temple, Charls and Adam as they go through the second, more conversational, issue of Drift. Huge thanks to the guys for giving their thoughts, and big props to Charles, for jetting over to Europe, just to be on the show. . . . or that's how we will play it!

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The Underbase December 2014 News Show

Aimee and Adam dig into 3 months of Solicitations and talk everything else in-between for this weeks news show. Good things to come!

Priscilla’s DA Page

Kotteri DA Page

Flint Dille CBR interview

Best of 2014 Vote

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The Underbase Reviews Transformers Vs GI Joe #04

Join host Ad8m and special guest Jeremy, from the Transmissions podcast, as they jump into Transformers vs GI Joe issue#4!

Transmissions podcast

Jeremy on twitter

End of 2014 Voting + a CONTEST click for details!

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The Underbase Reviews Angry Birds Transformers #1

Join your world-weary host Adam as he guides two lucky guests through the first issue of ANGRY BIRDS VS TRANSFORMERS. Warning, toilet-based chat, as well as some serious discussion, are contained within. . . . . . 

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The Underbase Reviews Drift: Empire of Stone #1

Join Underbase debutants Luffy and Temple as they, along with your aged doddering host Ad8m, take on DRIFT: EMPIRE OF STONE #1! Great job by the new guys, hope you all enjoy!

And check out the previous Drift miniseries reviews done back in 2010!

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The Underbase Reviews Primacy #04

So the regular team of Joe, Paul and Adam return for the finale of PRIMACY. Thanks to everyone for listening to us, and especially for Big C for his wonderfull intro. . . . . not sure who the artist guy is, but he has nice eyes.

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The Underbase Reviews Primacy #03

Load up your Yorkshire translators, folks, as Host Adam is joined by regular guest Joe Teanby and special guest Paul ("Pred" to you old MB2 members) to review Primacy issue #3!!

Wiki entry for the Rhubard Triangle

Ken Christiansen's Website

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The Underbase Reviews Transformers Vs GI Joe #03

Listen to Adam and Joe as they get all kinds of silly about the latest offering from Tom and John!


TF Wiki Page for this issue

Chris McFeely Patreon Page

Untold Marvels: Collected PDF Version

Joe's Deviantart Page

Franco's Deviantart Page

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The Underbase October 2014 News Show

We talk Combiner Wars, Sales, upcoming trades and books to be on the look out for, conventions and reported artists attending, and the Solicitations for both November and December! Please check out the show notes with all links at:

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The Underbase Reviews Primacy #02

After grabbing a preview with hours to spare, Adam, Paul and Joe take on Primacy issue#2 in a rougher style than normal. . . . . and no, we don't know why Adam sounds like his dentures are falling out, either!

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The Underbase Reviews Transformers Vs GI Joe #02

Join Abbi, Rob and Adam as their planned serious discussion about TF vs GIJoe#2  gets waylaid with the sheer boundless fun of badly-timed update calls, motor-cross tricks, awkward polar fighters and the ultimate bling.

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The Underbase Reviews Primacy #01

With Transformers Primacy kicking off, it makes sense that the Underbase unites the team from Autocracy and Monstrosity: Adam, Joe and Paul. Listen as we take a more serious, discussion-based look at this first issue. . . . yet Adam still manages to potentially offend the artist, and cause Paul breathing issues.

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The Underbase August 2014 News Show

Tune into our pre Auto Assembly news podcast with Aimee and Adam! We cover SDCC news, October solicitations, and a short review of Monster Motors available now! Don't miss out on this one shot!

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The Underbase Reviews Transformers Vs GI Joe #01

Join Adam, Rob, and Chris as they chatter about the beginning of what Transformers and GI Joe would have been like if Jack Kirby had done them back in the day, brought to you by Tom Scioli and John Barber! It's issue number one of the series!

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The Underbase July 2014 News Show

Aimee and Adam are featuring the NEWS this weekend! All the stuff from Botcon 2014, the September Solicitations, and all the little tidbits! September Solicits are at the end of the podcast to keep those avoiding spoilers from being spoiled! Enjoy! For Show Notes check out

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The Underbase June 2014 News Show

Dave and Aimee sit down to talk all the news bits that we've been ignoring for the last few months! For all the show notes and links about the news please go to

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The Underbase Reviews Transformers Vs GI Joe FCBD issue

Last weekend we got the first issue of Transformers verses GI Joe by Tom Scioli and John Barber! This weeks show is a review of that free comic! Join Adam, Matt, Rob and James as they give us their insight to this years FCBD offering and the kick off of the ongoing releasing next month! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Dark Cybertron Chapter 12, round 2

It's round two of the Dark Cybertron wrap-up reviews! Team #1 gives their review followed by marks and their overall enjoyment of the whole event. And of course in regular discussion fashion expectations of what's to come in both the Ongoing and Windblade. We cover all bases this week. (Movie chatter in the outtakes, Winter Soldier teases, very cryptic talk as Matt hasn't seen it yet.) [Explicit]


Special thanks to @Timey2Wimey for the Shockwave voiceover contribution.

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The Underbase reviews Dark Cybertron Chapter 12

It is the finale of Dark Cybertron and the A Team reviews the final chapter of the last 6 months! Does this event trump all events? Find out what Dave, Nicole and Aimee have to say about the series as a whole. [Explicit]

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The Underbase Best of 2013 Show

This is the show a year and 2 months in the making! The Underbase presents our BEST of 2013! It is the podcast that pits the podcaster vote against the listener vote to find out just how much we are the same and how much we differ! Wrapping up 2013 lets walk down memory lane, with some new perspectives to boot! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Timelines 8

Bringing back the whole gang again for a third year, we’ve got a Matt, McFeely, and Grufflock to chatter another Timelines Funpub Production from this last years Botcon 2013. It’s Timelines 8, titled “Termination.” They came, they saw, they reviewed it again and they may just have some entertaining things to say as well. (Explicit) Check out for show notes and links.

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #8

The end of Transformers Prime where nuttin' will ever be the same again! Issue 8 reviewed with our monthly raving Irish man, Turnbull, and Mr. Tricky. Where Grimlock has a go at a missing Magnus for not leaving supplies, or communicators, he never called, wrote… the list goes on… (EXPLICIT)

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #7

Today's podcast review is filled with new Tricks, a Ranting Irish Man, and the Gruffinator. Beast Hunters issue #7 close to the end, we find out the fate of Blackout and Zoom and all the Forged! Bodies will fly… followed by a singing Gruffabye. [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #6

The Beast Hunters team is back again to review for you issue 6 of the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters comic! Back to harass and gush about Mairghread Scott and her partner in crime, Mike Johnson. But lets not forget their artist in the house, Agustin Padilla, as they grind Cybertron to dust with their outspoken weapons! The Dinobots! (EXPLICIT)

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The Underbase Reviews Dark Cybertron Chapter 1

The beginning chapter of Dark Cybertron is upon us! Dave, Matt, and Aimee review the first issue of the event a year in the making! Described as being too big for one artist, we finally see the first fruits of what Dark Cybertron has in store for us!

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #5

What do Cobra Commander, Daft Punk, Iron Lantern, Scrounge, and Dinobots all have in common? They happen to all be in this weeks review of Beast Hunters #5! Tune in and revel in the sobbing of Mikey, Grufflock, and Mr. Turnbull as arms are lost!

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #4

Mikey and company chatter Beast Hunters on this 4th installment of the series all while bursting into song using the names of the creative team and sending a whole lot of love at a Mrs. Scott.

Don't forget to check out the Moonbase2 Podcast interview with Mairghread.

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #0

Regeneration issue 0 is here and the review gang convenes to reveal and chatter about it! Packed full of some fan favorite artists we all agree that Bove is king.

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #3

Our Transformers Prime Beast Hunters reviewing team record for the first time LIVE from Auto Assembly 2013! Beware, many derailings and singing! (Even Ralph interrupts!) OH YEAH and some where in there a review of Beast Hunters issue 3!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #11 & #12

MONSTROSITY #11 and #12!! Finally the review to the finale of this series rears its savage head! Protesting authority figures, elemental disasters, the creation of new life. . . . . the delays were notable, but we hope the result is worth it. 

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The Underbase Reviews the News

It is convention season and these next two weeks will be crazy! So we have the news for the weekend so you can stay caught up. The San Diego Comicon variety and the October Solicitations at 22 mins in! Enjoy!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #10

Monstrosity issue 10 has it all folks!! 

Cold-filled host Ad8m deals with troublemakers Paul, Joe and special guest James (Iaconic Reviews) as they cover one of the most anticipated moments of the series to date, the ever-worsening Prime and an apology due to overblown cake inclusion.

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #9

Monstrosity#9 reviewed and discussed by Adam, Paul, Charles and Joe. Warning: may contain humour, The Crow, “Mean” Gene Okerlund and some very interesting theories regarding the remainder of this series.

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #8

Bill Bixby, Jesse “the body” Ventura and the Dread Pirate Roberts all feature in the latest episode of the UNDERBASE, where hosts Adam, Joe and Paul are joined by special guest Charles Shelton to review MONSTROSITY issue#8: The break-up issue.

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #2

Beast Hunters issue #2 reviewed and associated with Shakespeare, Captain Grufflock leads a Tricky and Turnbull through the depths of Cybertron in issue two of the Dinobot reign!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #7

SECONDS OUT, FIGHT!!!!! Adam, Paul and Joe review Monstrosity #7. . . . . warning, review contains the rage of Megatron, the thespianism of Paul, the bumbling of Adam . . . . . and the tears of Joe.

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The Underbase Reviews Beast Hunters #1

Our review team "accuse" and review Beast Hunters issue 1! Tune in to find out the verdict on the start of IDW's 3rd Ongoing in Transformers Prime!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #6

Following the news with Matt and Aimee, it's our great pleasure to invite Brandy Dixon onto our review of MONSTROSITY#6, with Joe, Paul and Adam, as we fight the busy IDW release schedule! 

We first discuss the issue, and then Adam finds out more about THE SHADOWDREALM and TRANSFORMERS MULTIVERSE, major TF projects that Brandy is involved with.

Direct download: Monstrosity6.mp3
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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Hoist

Tune it to our final Spotlight review of Hoist! Do we go out with a bang or whimper?

Direct download: SL_Hoist.mp3
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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #5

After the explosive end to the last issue, MONSTROSITY issue #5 sees all the factions involved try to move on with their own agendas. Join hobnobbing host Adam and guests Joe and Aimee as they discuss, in some depth the characters and the possibilities for the future. . . . . . . Bring your own biscuits!

If you are struggling to get a hold of the TMNT comic mentioned in the news, drop us a line and we shall see what we can do.

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Bumblebee

If you thought we'd forgot about him, then this podcast is here to prove that this under-appreciated Bot is not down and out! Spotlight Bumblebee, reviewed for the Underbase weekend show with two special guests!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #4

An increasing rough-voiced Ad8m, an increasingly excited Joe Teanby and an increasing “ relaxed” special guest star Razz look at the forth issue of IDW’s MONSTROSITY.

The Little Mermaid, this is not!

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Trailcutter

It's the question we've been asking from the beginning, does this Spotlight need to exist? Tune in to find out what our reviewers thought about Spotlight Trailcutter!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #3

Yes that's right folks… Monstrosity takes a lead on the weekly show this podcast. But first Wondercon news from Matt and Aimee. Then prepare for our entertaining review as we play musical reviews this week!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #2

With a little bit of news, our Monstrosity crew reviews issue #2! And the introduction of some characters we haven't seen for a  long while...

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #1

Monstrosity is in our hands and digital devices and within the weekend it was given to us, we sat down and reviewed it! Tune into our recaps and first reactions to this digital only sequel!

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The Underbase continues Rage of the Dinobots Discussion

Rage of the Dinobots blasts into a second weekend of shattering discussion as we continue part 2 of issue #4 and what our reviewers are looking forward to in May 2013's Beast Hunters comic. Will they be back to review again?

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The Underbase Reviews Rage of the Dinobots #4

A discussion in two parts, Mikey, Adam and Andy are back to wrap up the final issue of Rage of the Dinobots and all the goodies it holds! But we just simply couldn't wrap this one up with a nice little bow, stay tuned to next week when we continue the discussion right here on the Underbase weekend show!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #88

We rip through the May Solicits and we give our full attention to Regeneration One issue #88 this week for a review! Tune in and find out just how we'll change your view of it forever! 

Show Notes:

* Intro and opening news

* May Solicits [@12 mins in]

* Review [@29 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Megatron

For all those who find the Roche is your drug of choice, the Underbase provides a review like none other! Four reviewers this week to talk Spotlight Megatron! Don't worry we intro this podcast with news as well to keep you informed of all the IDW goodness!

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The Underbase Reviews Rage of the Dinobots #3

Singing Dinobots, pirate praises to John Barbosa, and a raging Mikey, it's Rage of the Dinobots reviewin' time! Issue 3 is reviewed by our fantastic team! Let them tell you why this issue is so great!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #13

We welcome back Matt to review More Than Meets The Eye issue 13. After covering the news, Andy joins us bringing back the old review team for this weeks Transformers Comic. (Please check out for show notes.)

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The Underbase Reviews Mars Attacks Transformers

Barely into 2013 and IDW unleashes it’s crossover event! Yes, this month those MARS ATTACKS aliens have been bothering all sorts of universes and one of them seems populated by some very familiar Cybertronians.

Grab the comic, then join Adam and his guest hosts (kidnapped from other podcast continuities) as they read through the issue and get all kinds of silly. . . . . . . as is the correct decorum with these pesky Martian fellows, don’t you know!

Show Notes can be found at

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The Underbase Reviews Rage of the Dinobots #2

Issue #2 of Rage of the Dinobots released earlier this month and our review team reviewed it! Join Mikey, a gruffy Adam, and the lady of the wrecking sort in a hour or so discussion of what's going on with the Dinobots on Cybertron!

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Thundercracker

Reviewing goodness has never been this good! Dave and Adam review Spotlight Thundercracker and then spend another hour gushing about Robots In Disguise issue 13!

Go to for Show Notes!

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The Rescue Centre Episode 18

We bring the Squilsh to the podcast and pull out all the pun stops for your listening enjoyment. We are back with another goo exploding review! Aimee and Nic highly recommend the watching of the Blob after listening to this review and episode.

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise #13

The start of year two, we jump into the Robots hiding in Disguise in Ongoing issue #13 when the preverbal slag has hit the fan! We bring a Master of Transformer knowledge and a Commander of Reviewing Doom… beware of fire sticks, people. And never trust the head security officer Prowl!! Are there answers? Tune in and find out!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #87

The first official review of the new year! We take on the likes of demons and robot bosses in Regeneration One issue #87 with a new reviewer! What has the Underbase got in store for him? Warning, there might be entertainment…

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The Underbase Best of 2012 Show

It must be said that 2012 has set a new standard for Transformers comics. Tune in as the crew reviews and talks about the BEST OF 2012. There will be spoilers within just as a warning for those who would like to steer clear of them. We bring you the People's Choice and the opinions of our reviewers! We plug future writings from one of the colorists, Perez Pizza Party, the High Moon Game Art Book, and channel our inner Combs! If you are a creator on Transformers listen in for the BEST OF Transformers comics and art  of 2012 cause it's very likely we've mentioned you! 

Check out for the complete show notes!

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Orion Pax

The Spotlights have returned! We bring in a veteran podcaster to lead our review of Orion Pax. The first in a line of comics that have returned to grace the Transformers storyline, will they deliver? Does Orion Pax deliver?

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The Underbase Reviews Rage of the Dinobots #1
Mikey our resident Dinosaur Authority takes on Rage of the Dinobots issue one with his own reviewing team of a bearded legend and the good Andy. Does Mikey rant about it or about his review team? Tune it to find out!
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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #86

This week another installment of Regeneration One! It's the second arc to Simon's story in issue #86. Join Adam, Matt and Aimee as we talk about Grimlock! Stay tuned, December is gonna be chalk full of great issues and reviews!

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The Underbase Reviews Timelines 7

If you happened to get the Botcon Timelines 2012 comic, this podcast will improve your opinion of it simply because it's entertaining and comical and more than half the time has nothing to do with the comic. McFeely, Grufflock, and KingGrimlock bring you a comical review that only ends with a very real rating in our yearly review of Timelines. (Warning: it's offensively fun.)

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The Underbase Reviews RID #11

If you thought that this weeks issue 11 of Robots In Disguise was going to break the underbase… you thought wrong. We turn out podcasts and reviewing like a boss and this episode is no exception. Don't forget to jump on after the review and vote for your favourite Transformers comics of 2012!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #11

The anticipation for MTMTE 11 is high this month as AWESOME payoff hits the pages! The Underbase crew has a sit down to talk about how it measures up to Andy's F yeah moment. Does he have one? And is this issue really what it's hyped up to be for all our reviewers? This and more on this weeks show!

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The Underbase Deconstructs Robots In Disguise #10

Another of our popular deconstructed series podcasts, we invited John Barber and Livio Ramondelli to talk Robots In Disguise issue 10 titled Syndromica part two. Have a listen to the mind set behind the creation of this single issue!

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The Underbase Reviews Fall of Cybertron Comic Series

Fall of Cybertron jumped into the digital domain with this six issue tie-in and we bring on a special reviewer to conquer all six issues in one go! It's a conflict between Grimlock and Shockwave, join us as we talk history, game points, and what we ultimately thought of this series! 

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #85

Short news week so we jump right into the review of this issue that Furman and company have been saying is the first big payoff of the series! Find out what the Underbase crew thought of it!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #10

This week Matt and Adam roll though the news before we crash into MTMTE#10, and the second part of SHADOWPLAY. Joined, as ever, by Andy, expect a truck-tonne of detail, action and more plot than you can drop a pair of pants at.

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The Rescue Centre Episode 17

Back in the Rescue Centre this week is a certain celebrity in the Rescue Bot world as Bumblebee rolls to the Rescue! Check out what Nicole and Aimee thought of this episode!

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The Underbase Reviews RID #10

Our brains are mush after reading Robots In Disguise issue 10! It is ONLY with the help of McFeely we are able to untie the knots in our heads after reading it. (WARNING: side effects of this podcast and issue may be light to severe headache and or chronal sea displacement. Listen at your own risk.) * Also news section reveals Solicits for January 2013. Review starts at 21 mins in.

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The Underbase Deconstructs More Than Meets The Eye Annual

Our second Deconstruction comic interview… James Roberts joins us to give us the dirt on the MTMTE Annual 0f 2012! Find the ins and outs of this extra comic goodie we got in September from the writer himself!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #84

The crew led by Ad8m review this intense issue of Regeneration One, Issue 84! Wreckers, Megatron, and things going badly, oh my!

* Intro & News

* Review [@22 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews RID Annual

We have a McFeely back in a return to the Metrotitan story started in the first issue of the Annual weeks ago. Now here in Annual part two! Does this issue hit with the same "Whoa" reactions? How does Chris like where its going? And how have both the Annuals been? Listen in and get the scoop!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #9

Two weeks in a row we review a MTMTE comic! The Underbase crew hits its 200th episode this episode and what better way to celebrate it than to review a glowing endorsed comic! Tune in and see just how much we love this issue! And don't forget about our contest!

* Intro & News

* MTMTE #9 Review [@19 mins in]

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The Underbase Talks MTMTE Annual

The Underbase controls are hijacked this weekend to bring you a hour of Annual talking goodness. On the review this last week we rushed through 3 pages... 3 pages that struck at the heart of Transformers lore! And two podcasting voices just could not let it lie without saying a few words. Tune in and have a listen to a grand discussion on what those 3 pages were and possibly what they might mean!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE Annual

Skype issues continue to plague the base from under our noses. Grimlock King, Lady of Wreckage, and Commander of Cobras prove their might effectively against an ANNUAL! Basically a two issue comic in one podcasting review! Think we can do it? Or will it destroy the underbase might forever??

* Intro & News (includes December Solicits)

* MTMTE Annual Review [@33 mins in]

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The Rescue Centre Episode 16

It's the Lost Bell and not only are the fanatasic duo back again to talk about it, we are thoroughly entertained this episode. And you could be too!

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The Underbase Reviews RID #9

A week late but never short… the Underbase is back to review Robots In Disguise issue #9! Aimee, Matt, and Adam give their page by page thoughts!

* Intro & News 

* Review [@15 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #83

The cast finds it hard to keep it serious and down to reviewing business this podcast due to Skype issues but the show must go on and eventually we open our comics! Have a listen as we talk Regeneration One issue #83! And welcome Matt back to the show! Don't forget to find the podcast notes on this week as a nice surprise will be waiting.

* Intro & News 

* Review [@12 mins in]

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The Rescue Centre Episode 15

We talk about how important Manuel is to this episode as we review Rules and Regulations this week! Just be sure to have your bounce houses ready when listening to this podcast. It might just save your life!

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