The Underbase Podcast
Rescue Centre Episode 5

Aimee and Nicole talk invasion. Griffin Rock style. Come have your mind blown by the crazy that is this episode this week!

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise 4

Robots In Disguise number 4 is back to wow us with… spoilers here… join Matt, Aimee, and Chris McFeely as we once again give RID our attention and reviewing this week! Is it continuing to give us something to rave about or something to rant at? (Also talk a bit of Botcon and characters!)

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 4

It's MTMTE review time and we couldn't review without a Millman on the podcast this week. We are close to 100 episodes and this issue makes a milestone for the Underbase… listen in to see what that milestone is!

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Rescue Centre Episode 4

Another episode where Flobsters with potential to kill you with dysentery take over the podcast! Wanna know what we mean? Tune in to this episode it will leave you rolling!

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The Underbase Reviews Autocracy 7

We get a visit from a friend to the podcast and we go through everything current in the world of Transformers fiction, then news, and lastly we review Autocracy 7! So much goodness… all in one podcast. 

* Intro 

* Transformers Prime Talk and bits [@9 mins in]

* News [@25 mins in]

* Autocracy 7 [@44 mins in]

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Rescue Centre Episode 3

Aimee and Nicole share another Rescue episode of the lovable Rescue Bots, this time Blades takes one for the team!

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The Underbase reviews Autocracy 6

Surprises for the listeners… we don't know how the podcast will end this week. We start the show hoping that it all comes together in the end. Does it? Well, have a listen and tell us if it works for you? A special cuddle with some favorites… you may be surprised at how endearing this show will be!

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Rescue Centre Episode 2

Aimee and Nicole review episode two, Under Pressure! Does a Volcano on Griffin Rock make sense? We'll let you our thoughts!

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