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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 42

Proof that even the mightiest of forces cannot contend with the power of poor broadband customer service, we bring you the delayed MTMTE42 review from Matt, Adam and Chris.
As the team devotes more time to boogie analysis than an entire season of Come Dancing, Chris asks... really?... REALLY?... REEEAAAAAA.. oh, you get the idea!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE issue 41

MTMTE#41 folks, and a dark secret awaits our lovable crew. . . well those who bother to leave the ship, and aren't not seduced by the dancefloor, that is!

Join Matt, Chris and Adam as they read and review the issue, try and work out Hotspots moves, educate us on matters of Dread Pirates and Ace Rimmers. . . . and pitch a mean solo outing for an overlooked member of the crew (explicit)

You can listen to the original recording of MTMTE#1 via our podcast home at

Or via our new youtube page at

The original recordings of Death Of Optimus Prime, and RID#1, are also now available.

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE issue 40

Matt returns to the MTMTE team just as Ratchet leaves the lost light in what is certainly a memorable issue!
With regular guests Chris and Adam, they read/review the issue, fret over a particular subplot as well as discussing other comic news. . . . not least of which includes a certain Joker picture.
Please note some swearing from Chris. . . but can you blame him for being worried?

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE#39

DJD time folks, as MTMTE#39 brings us a whole issue dedicated to those lovable little marshmallows! Join Adam May, Chris and substitute-host Adam White as they discuss the issue, it's potential ramifications and prove that there are no crowd shots that Chris cannot conquer!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #38

MTMTE 38 is the conclusion of more than just an arc! But how does the creative team do, with numerous plots still seeking resolution? Join Matt, Adam and Chris as they tackle the issue. Also the guys natter about comics and figures. . . because why not!

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Join Matt, Chris and Adam as they take MTMTE#37 to task and show it who's the boss! WARNING: the crew give their theories on where this is all going. . . . and with Chris onboard, ou know he may well have it figured out!!!!!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #36

McFeely returns to the team as they jump right into the late review of MTMTE #36 starting 2015 off with a bang. Find out what the MTMTE team thinks of time traveling! And before we wrap up some recommendations on what to check out for 2015 in the way of comics! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #35

Never fear MTMTE is here to remind you “Everything is fine.” We may be a little late with this review but we still function as the functionist council has decreed. Join our reviewers Matt, Adam, and Dave as they discuss what is going on in this fine comic.

End of 2014 Voting! Enter to win a copy of TF Punishment, click any of the following links for more details! FHM | IDW fan forum | Our Facebook Page 

Links and reminders will be posted to our twitter account!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #34

Welcome new regular reviewer Adam May (@Inhumanoids) to team MTMTE! Teased as being the issue where Autobots must make an impossible choice: kill or cure, find out what the outcome is and the consequences! 

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The Underbase reviews MTMTE #33

Matt’s back to lead the show and things turn very strange and stalk like, but never fear, its all entertaining chatter… mostly. (The legal papers have been served and therapy prescribed.) Issue 33 of MTMTE… it will blow your mind… our reviewers are here to give you their take on this second of a two part piece, Slaughterhouse! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #32

Teased to be one that will make us cry, Team MTMTE reviews issue 32! Welcome to the House of Horrors! Tune in to catch this stunning issue and contemplate its consequences! Find out if Matt was right… [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #31

It's POST Botcon and Age of Extinction… don't worry we couldn't avoid talking about the delicious memories and destruction in the movie! And then MTMTE 31 is reviewed! [@29 mins in] It’s the Lost Light origins mystery show where they all play “patty cake!” See what Matt, Andy, and Chris have to say about it all! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #30

This issue of MTMTE 30 features Bullet Bike, Guardians of the Galaxy, Space Balls, and a whistling transformer! It's not just explanations its entertainment with a slew of background characters to boot. Adam May joins the Matt and Andy team this week while McFeely is traveling abroad. 

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #29

It’s the middle of the 3 part arc of MTMTE Season two opener! Switches and changes and mysteries OH MY! Matt, Chris and Andy react to this months issue which lives up to its name, MORE than meets the eye! When will this madness end? [Explicit]

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The Underbase reviews MTMTE #28

The highly anticipated return of MTMTE! And another reviewer down, we have guest @inhumanoids to join Matt and Chris McFeely as they review MTMTE 28, the start of Season Two! We also celebrate our 200th week of podcasting this week! Making the episode count at 260! Good times! [Clean]

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 27

Its the last MTMTE review with Dave, Aimee, and Nicole! Dark Cybertron is quickly coming to a close and is it possible that we will learn of Shockwave's true intentions or will we be chilling at Swerve's waiting for the karaoke to start up? All this and more on this weeks podcast! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 26

Dave is playing referee to our two resident snipers… Aim and Nic! And along the way we review Chapter 8 of Dark Cybertron! (aka MTMTE #26) Along with quickly turning the comic to it's dark ends. Also a certain Superbowl video is discussed as well.

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 25

The longest podcast this year, first review of 2014 is a patchwork of tears and news reactions as well as a complete review of MTMTE 25! And don't forget to let us know… WHO WILL DIE? Cyclonus or Swerve… be sure to cast your vote on!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 24

Conversation takes over and runs rampant in this review of MTMTE 24 (Also known as Dark Cybertron Chapter 4) Pull up your soap box and sit down on it, Dave takes the stage and little people scramble away in the background!

VOTE for the BEST of 2013 NOW!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 23

Two fan girls and a Dave! We crack Dark Cybertron chapter 2 wide open with More Than Meets your regular podcast! It's issue 23 and we talk it up after news with February 2014 Solicits!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 22

Swapping our week show to the weekend, just for a switch, we review the closest thing to a clip show for an issue BUT with all new clips you've never seen before! Join the Lost Light's video debut and hear of our theories on why Rung's alt mode will be super important in the future...

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 21

The wrap up of Remain in Light is the topic of our review this day but we cover the December Solicits first. Then the reviewers assemble for a zinger of an issue. For your entertainment, with your tears, and maybe even with some rage, we talk More Than Meets the Eye issue 21!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 20

Emotions run high in today's podcast as we rip into MTMTE 20 at high speed. Quickly moving the review from discussion to fan deconstruction! One reviewer's mind blown, ones bleeding in the corner, and the final joins the ranks of Star Saber's zealotry! Be warned! Theories fly like crazy! (Explicit language in the outtakes!)

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE 19

We get our space pirate hats on to review this earth shattering issue that's More Than Meets The Eye. Warning there might be trouser shattering, and eye bursting involved! Listen at your peril! You have been warned!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #18

It's a packed podcast! Reminiscing of 3 years of podcasting, news with September Comic Solicits (timestamp 16mins in to 27 mins in) and a full complete review of More Than Meets The Eye issue 18 with McFeely!! Talk about "epic!" We've got a packed show of goodness!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #17

Is More Than Meets The Eye issue 17 a game changer? We are swiftly moving into year two of the Lost Light and they encounter something unusual that could have far reaching consequences. Tune in to see what the review team thought! Hypotheses ahoy!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #16

We skip the news this week to bring you More Than Meets The Eye issue 16! And joining us is a former guest who hasn't been on the podcast since the early days of the Underbase!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #15

A lot of love was poured into this single issue and what came out were a lot of tears and silence. Get your issue, a tissue, and sit down to have a listen as we rip through this issue like Overlord did.

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #14

Once again the Lost Light has trouble brewing! Join our reviewers as we look into what trouble looks like. It's spelled O-V-E-R-L-O-R-D and it's not pretty! We'll learn more about our lost cast...

Show Notes:

* Intro and opening news

* Review [@19 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #12

Welcome to the end of the world and final review of 2012 where we talk the filth, news, wish you a Merry Christmas, and review a MTMTE Roberts written comic all in one little less than two hour period. Yep that's right this review is more than meets the eye and hyped up on outtakes. Booyeah!

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