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The Underbase Reviews Windblade Combiner Wars #4

Join Team Windblade as another round of reviewing our Cybertronian combiners hits the comic stands. Its the full team Angel; Nicole, Heather, Aimee, and Mike! (Many thanks to Nicole for all the editing she's been doing on Windblade CW!)

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The Underbase Reviews - Windblade Combiner Wars #3

Join team Windblade as they read and review issue #3 of the series, part 5 of Combiner Wars crossover event. Prowl and Prime spending quality time together. . . fun times?

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The Underbase Reviews Windblade Combiner Wars #2

Back to address past mistakes, Team Angel clean house, give a challenge, and review the second issue of Windblade Combiner Wars! Don’t forget to #penaltyboxforHailstorm on twitter to @theunderbase @BeatlesDiva (Thanks to @cpshelton from the TransMissions podcast, and @Cassius335 for their participation.) And don’t forget to check out @GCRN! [PG rating]

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The Underbase Reviews Windblade Combiner Wars #1

Returning for the sequel, review Team "Angel" open Windblade and the return of the lady creators Scott and Stone! (This episode does not lack in plugging in other IDW titles!) Windblade is back and discussion commences! 

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The Underbase Reviews Windblade #4

It’s the final issue of Windblade and all the answers are here among the teases of what’s to come! GCRN’s The Pull Bag crossovers this final review with Team Angel! Thanks for listening and continue to follow Windblade this fall in Robots In Disguise! And in Summer 2015 she will return!

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The Underbase Reviews Windblade #3

This review of Windblade #3 has 100% more Cyclonus in it… and he’s not even in this issue! Join Aimee, Heather, Nicole and Mike as they review this game changer issue! With one more issue in the series left to go, Windblade expectations have all been blown! Find out what our reviewers thought! (Kudos for Mike for mass editing!) [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Windblade #2


Team Angel brings the Windblade review #2 to the Underbase! Once again TFG1Mike joins us from GCRN's The Pull Bag and we try our best to de-rail this review with tangents and geek references, among other bits of chatter. And lets not forget the amount of art and commission pieces we hope to see one day after this review. Or the comments on Metroplex's bowels, or the 4 minute review of Beast Machines. So many tangents, so many…[Explicit]


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The Underbase Review Windblade 1

The wait is finally over, Windblade kicks off the beginning of our return from Dark Cybertron! (Besides having no comic for two weeks!) The Underbase presents a first podcast crossover in this first review of the long awaited series! It may just be the time of the night, the fact that we start art snobbing, or the comic itself… but we have a rolling good time! All while reviewing Windblade. But is it a buy or a pass? [clean]


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