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The Underbase Reviews Mars Attacks Transformers

Barely into 2013 and IDW unleashes it’s crossover event! Yes, this month those MARS ATTACKS aliens have been bothering all sorts of universes and one of them seems populated by some very familiar Cybertronians.

Grab the comic, then join Adam and his guest hosts (kidnapped from other podcast continuities) as they read through the issue and get all kinds of silly. . . . . . . as is the correct decorum with these pesky Martian fellows, don’t you know!

Show Notes can be found at

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The Underbase Reviews Rage of the Dinobots #2

Issue #2 of Rage of the Dinobots released earlier this month and our review team reviewed it! Join Mikey, a gruffy Adam, and the lady of the wrecking sort in a hour or so discussion of what's going on with the Dinobots on Cybertron!

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The Underbase Reviews Spotlight Thundercracker

Reviewing goodness has never been this good! Dave and Adam review Spotlight Thundercracker and then spend another hour gushing about Robots In Disguise issue 13!

Go to for Show Notes!

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The Rescue Centre Episode 18

We bring the Squilsh to the podcast and pull out all the pun stops for your listening enjoyment. We are back with another goo exploding review! Aimee and Nic highly recommend the watching of the Blob after listening to this review and episode.

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise #13

The start of year two, we jump into the Robots hiding in Disguise in Ongoing issue #13 when the preverbal slag has hit the fan! We bring a Master of Transformer knowledge and a Commander of Reviewing Doom… beware of fire sticks, people. And never trust the head security officer Prowl!! Are there answers? Tune in and find out!

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The Underbase Interviews Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson

It's our first interview of 2013! We bring on the new writers of Rage of the Dinobots, Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson to talk Transformers Prime and Dinobots! And a challenge, send your RAWR files and maybe you will be featured in their sound effects how to for comics coming soon! You can find Mairghread on twitter@Mairghreadscott

Also check out our previous Transformer Prime comic review here from Nov 2010.

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #87

The first official review of the new year! We take on the likes of demons and robot bosses in Regeneration One issue #87 with a new reviewer! What has the Underbase got in store for him? Warning, there might be entertainment…

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The Underbase Best of 2012 Show

It must be said that 2012 has set a new standard for Transformers comics. Tune in as the crew reviews and talks about the BEST OF 2012. There will be spoilers within just as a warning for those who would like to steer clear of them. We bring you the People's Choice and the opinions of our reviewers! We plug future writings from one of the colorists, Perez Pizza Party, the High Moon Game Art Book, and channel our inner Combs! If you are a creator on Transformers listen in for the BEST OF Transformers comics and art  of 2012 cause it's very likely we've mentioned you! 

Check out for the complete show notes!

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