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The Rescue Centre Episode 17

Back in the Rescue Centre this week is a certain celebrity in the Rescue Bot world as Bumblebee rolls to the Rescue! Check out what Nicole and Aimee thought of this episode!

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The Underbase Reviews RID #10

Our brains are mush after reading Robots In Disguise issue 10! It is ONLY with the help of McFeely we are able to untie the knots in our heads after reading it. (WARNING: side effects of this podcast and issue may be light to severe headache and or chronal sea displacement. Listen at your own risk.) * Also news section reveals Solicits for January 2013. Review starts at 21 mins in.

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The Underbase Deconstructs More Than Meets The Eye Annual

Our second Deconstruction comic interview… James Roberts joins us to give us the dirt on the MTMTE Annual 0f 2012! Find the ins and outs of this extra comic goodie we got in September from the writer himself!

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The Underbase Interviews Transformers: Multiverse

This week we bring you the end of our contest and the winner is announced! Then news and because of circumstances out of our control and the lack of sleep we are not reviewing RID 10, but we bring you an important Transformers: Multiverse episode! Because this episode is a tad shorter than usual, we'll also be bringing a special podcast this weekend! So tune in then.

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The Underbase Interviews John-Paul Bove

Join the show today and get to know Mr. John-Paul Bove, colorist on Regeneration One! Interview was recorded in person at Auto Assembly 2012! Thanks for listening!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #84

The crew led by Ad8m review this intense issue of Regeneration One, Issue 84! Wreckers, Megatron, and things going badly, oh my!

* Intro & News

* Review [@22 mins in]

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The Underbase Classics Episode 003

Adam, Paul and a special guest venture into issue 3 of the Marvel G1 miniseries. With copyright-disputed characters a-plenty, an official scale of “dumbassery” and possibly the most improbable special team since they announced the pairs for Strictly Come Dancing.

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The Underbase Reviews RID Annual

We have a McFeely back in a return to the Metrotitan story started in the first issue of the Annual weeks ago. Now here in Annual part two! Does this issue hit with the same "Whoa" reactions? How does Chris like where its going? And how have both the Annuals been? Listen in and get the scoop!

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