The Underbase Podcast (Dreamwave)
The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave Micromasters

It’s the bottom of the barrel! Dave and Chris review the infamous Micromasters series eleven years in the making! (recorded June 2015, apologies for the time lapse.) It could be the dreaded review they have been avoiding or the entertaining rant you’ve been craving all year? Wrapping up on a toy geek out! Enjoy! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave Generation One Ongoing part 1

It's the series that was never completed, Volume 3 of Dreamwave's Generation One series. Dave and Chris sit down and chatter about the first 5 issues. Jetfire, Sunstorm and Starscream and Bumblebee, oh my! It's the ins and outs that started it all, before it all came to a crashing halt! (This collection was never printed in trade, so you'll need to pull out your single issues, click here for the entry.) [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave The Dark Ages

He's bad news and he's on fire… it's our first introduction into "the Fallen" from Dreamwave's The War Within, The Dark Ages! Dave and Chris review and discuss the story, the Fallen, his entrance into the movies, and everything else in-between! [Explicit]

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The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave War and Peace pt2

Dave and Chris wrap up Dreamwave War and Peace discussion, talking art and an overall retrospective of the series as a whole. Chris serenades the audience with "the Touch." (Explicit)

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The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave War and Peace pt1

Dave and Chris are back again to talk Dreamwave in a one of two part review of War and Peace. (EXPLICIT)

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The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave War Within

Back again in the Dreamwave court, Dave and Chris talk War Within for your listening pleasure this week; the good, the bad and the repetitive! (Apologies the youtube channel has been giving us a few problems, so we'll try and roll these out on off weeks here on the main podcast.) Also check out:

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The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave Prime Directive

Introducing a new media to enter the Underbase repertoire of reviewing! We feature the first episode of Dreamwave comics, Prime Directive! Reviewed by Dave and Chris McFeely. You can find the continuing reviews for this new set on youtube at the Underbase youtube channel! You've asked for more Underbase, and we're giving it to you!

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