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The Underbase Reviews RID #11

If you thought that this weeks issue 11 of Robots In Disguise was going to break the underbase… you thought wrong. We turn out podcasts and reviewing like a boss and this episode is no exception. Don't forget to jump on after the review and vote for your favourite Transformers comics of 2012!

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The Underbase Interviews Casey Coller

We welcome to the show first time interviewee Casey Coller, the artist who gave us the Ironhide Miniseries and continues to wow us with his awesome covers! A huge thank you to Casey for joining us for an interview about him!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #11

The anticipation for MTMTE 11 is high this month as AWESOME payoff hits the pages! The Underbase crew has a sit down to talk about how it measures up to Andy's F yeah moment. Does he have one? And is this issue really what it's hyped up to be for all our reviewers? This and more on this weeks show!

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The Underbase Deconstructs Robots In Disguise #10

Another of our popular deconstructed series podcasts, we invited John Barber and Livio Ramondelli to talk Robots In Disguise issue 10 titled Syndromica part two. Have a listen to the mind set behind the creation of this single issue!

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The Underbase Reviews Fall of Cybertron Comic Series

Fall of Cybertron jumped into the digital domain with this six issue tie-in and we bring on a special reviewer to conquer all six issues in one go! It's a conflict between Grimlock and Shockwave, join us as we talk history, game points, and what we ultimately thought of this series! 

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The Underbase Classics Episode 005

Heading into the first of the Marvel UK-generated issues, the team of Paul, Joe and two (count em) Adams encounters THE MAN OF IRON. You can listen, or you you can avoid. . . . . but frankly it's our best show yet so I suggest you give it a go and enjoy!

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #85

Short news week so we jump right into the review of this issue that Furman and company have been saying is the first big payoff of the series! Find out what the Underbase crew thought of it!

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The Underbase Classics Episode 004

Join Joe, Paul and Adam as they race through the finale of the original Marvel Transformers mini-series with issue#4 – THE LAST STAND. Stand by for Megatrons take on strategic discussion, a nasty piece of work called Jazz, spandex aerobics girls, the Korean war and the horror which is Mr O. . . . . . all leading up to one of the most iconic final pages in TF history!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #10

This week Matt and Adam roll though the news before we crash into MTMTE#10, and the second part of SHADOWPLAY. Joined, as ever, by Andy, expect a truck-tonne of detail, action and more plot than you can drop a pair of pants at.

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