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The Underbase Reviews the News

It is convention season and these next two weeks will be crazy! So we have the news for the weekend so you can stay caught up. The San Diego Comicon variety and the October Solicitations at 22 mins in! Enjoy!

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The Underbase Reviews Dreamwave Prime Directive

Introducing a new media to enter the Underbase repertoire of reviewing! We feature the first episode of Dreamwave comics, Prime Directive! Reviewed by Dave and Chris McFeely. You can find the continuing reviews for this new set on youtube at the Underbase youtube channel! You've asked for more Underbase, and we're giving it to you!

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #10

Monstrosity issue 10 has it all folks!! 

Cold-filled host Ad8m deals with troublemakers Paul, Joe and special guest James (Iaconic Reviews) as they cover one of the most anticipated moments of the series to date, the ever-worsening Prime and an apology due to overblown cake inclusion.

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #93

Regeneration One #93 is now available as of this week and we have a guest to help us review Guido Guidi's first full interior issue! (Please don't forget to view the show notes on

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The Underbase Interviews Matt Frank

It is our pleasure to share a fantastic interview with the Godzilla-ongoing-turned-robotic-force-field-wielding artist Matt Frank! (Check out his website:, or for show notes!)

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The Underbase Reviews Monstrosity #9

Monstrosity#9 reviewed and discussed by Adam, Paul, Charles and Joe. Warning: may contain humour, The Crow, “Mean” Gene Okerlund and some very interesting theories regarding the remainder of this series.

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The Underbase Reviews Robots In Disguise 19

We recap Gorlam Prime and dare we say it, Heart of Darkness? Pax and company are back in the comic light as RID 19 gives us the prelude of Dark Cybertron. News bits include a bit of chatter on Botcon news.

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