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The Underbase Interviews James Roberts at AA2012

The Underbase interviews James Roberts at Auto Assembly 2012 where we talk More Than Meets The Eye, the Annual, Shadow Play, and whats in store for the future of the Lost Light! (With a brief news section, 6 mins long.)

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The Underbase Classics Episode 001

Where better to start the Underbase Classics podcast than back at the very start! Marvel Comics (U.S.) issue# 1!  

Join Adam, Paul and Joe as we go through the American release of the very first Transformers comic. . . . . . and be warned. . . . . there’s a lot of introducing to be done!

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The Underbase Reviews MTMTE #8

Fall of Cybertron might be out this week BUT we still have a podcast and Aimee and Adam are running the show this week! Muahahaha! It's time for a little bot of MTMTE issue 8. Part two of the DJD intro into the IDW verse. And they bring the pain! Find out what we think of this weeks issue!

* Intro & News 

* MTMTE#8 Review [@21 mins in]

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Rescue Centre Episode 14

Aimee and Nicole review the Griffin Rock Triangle in all it's glory! We are back with more Rescue Bots and more good times talking about them! It's like LOST but more fun!

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The Underbase Deconstructs More Than Meets The Eye #6

There's NO comic this week but we've got a HUGE goodie for listeners! First we have the news and then Nick and James talk More Than Meets The Eye issue 6 DECONSTRUCTED! So crack out your latest issue #6 and follow along as Nick and James give you all the nitty gritty and dark details about this explosive issue! (WARNING: SPOILERS! Only listen if you have read MTMTE 6!)

* Intro & News 

* MTMTE#6 Deconstructed [@17 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews RID #8

Post Auto Assembly, we bring you a LIVE review of RID #8! It gets a little silly but before it descends into complete and total chaos we talk comic review! AND CAMEO from Livio Ramondelli!

* Intro & News 

* Review RID 8 [@14 mins in]

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The Underbase Reviews Regeneration One #82

Regeneration One issue 82 lands in our laps on the eve of Auto Assembly!  Matt and Adam  review the first of IDW's DINOBOT MONTH issues, with a very special guest.

* Intro & News 

* REGEN 1 #82 Review [@19 mins in]

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